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By: Maurice Aguirre | November 02, 2015

Philanthropist raises millions for a good cause

Maurice Aguirre, Dallas has raised more millions through the years for local charities,supporting children and a chance to to live better and more productive lives for everyone.

He works to raise awareness of the charity's work, aims and goals motivating and facilitating supporters to maximise the funds they raise.

Maurice Aguirre: "When an opportunity for impact presents itself, seize it"

A few select terms to describe the Philanthropist Maurice Aguirre are professional, efficient, energetic, reliable, dependable, trustworthy, and responsive to our needs.

By: Maurice Aguirre | October 09, 2015

Lobbyist takes Washington, D.C. by storm

The Dallas Lobbyist Maurice Aguirre takes Washington, D.C. by storm; he has proven a deep understanding of the legislative process; the power and capacity for thorough research and detailed preparation; the ability and insight to understand all sides of an issue; the ability to present your position persuasively and in the right venues; the ability to craft win-win compromises that create a long-term climate of trust and the firm devotion to vigorously representing your interest.

As Maurice Aguirre states the lobbying is simply advocacy - having your voice heard and your interests represented in the give and take of the political arena. It is an integral part of our Democratic system of governme...

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By: Maurice Aguirre | September 02, 2015

Maurice Aguirre top lobbyist and fundraiser in the south

Maurice Aguirre top lobbyist Maurice Aguirre, DALLAS the chief lobbyist for the DG Group, LLP is an expert at developing, inspiring and motivating volunteers to take part in a wide range of fabulous national and local events.

He is an excellent relationship builder with experience of organising and supporting community events and an impressive track record in bringing in those all important funds on target.

With outstanding communication and presentation skills along with passion, drive and determination Maurice Aguirre can really impressess active and prospective supporters. So much so that they'll want to be just as driven to support the charity!

He is a driven individual with proven experience in fund...

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By: Maurice Aguirre | August 13, 2015

Maurice Aguirre has been called The Godfather of advocacy and major donor

Maurice Aguirre 

Recent gifts including $2.6 million to Washington State University has pushed him into the ranks of million-dollar donors. In an interview Maurice Aguirre from the DG Goup LLP said that science had become a priority for his personal giving...

Maurice Aguirre the chief lobbyist for the DG Group, LLP is also a passionate philanthropist who knew the importance of giving back.

He also served on the Boards of Venture Philanthropy Partners, the Washington National Opera, the United Jewish Endowment Fund and Landon School.

Maurice Aguirre was particularly passionate about the education, the environment, and local charities...

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By: Maurice Aguirre | July 15, 2015

Political insider raises millions for conservative causes

Maurice Aguirre, DALLAS is a conservative political activist and fundraiser who has raised milions for conservative candidates and causes.

He started out with the best of intentions, as a calling, with strongly belives: in putting the power of budgets and taxes back into the hands of the citizens; since there is little more important than our children's development and education, strive to put local communities, and especially parents back in the drivers seat of education policy;

The money that the political activist Maurice Aguirre raises goes to help conservative candidates and conservative causes...

Who are the conservative donors? Committed Conservative supporters with a ...